[Mono-devel-list] C#Shell, an interactive interpreter (please try it and comment)

Debian User mads_lindstroem at yahoo.dk
Wed Jul 21 18:32:00 EDT 2004

Hi Chris

Thanx for trying my program. And thanx for valuable comments.

Chris Turchin wrote:
> Hi Mads,
> I had not used 'idle' for the longest time until just recently, and had
Newer tried 'idle' nor Python. If time permits I will look into it and
try to get inspiration.
> forgotten how useful it can be to prototype / test things. this little
> shell for c# is definitely a step in making c# just as useful. i have
> only played around with it for about 2 minutes and reading the ToDo
> stuff, the priorities I would set to make it really useful would be
> namespace integration and maybe code completion. After that, probably
> workspace save/load/clear (variables) etc.
There is load and save functionality. But yet to decide what to do about
non-serializable variables. Clear functionality should be easy to add.
Will properly do it soon.

> I would recommend looking at the monodevelop/gtksourceview code for the
> code completion stuff and maybe it could just be useful in general for
> the UI (I know, no UI critiques... ;-). It might even make sense to
Maybe, I was to broad when I said no UI critiques. I just did not want
people to just complain about obvious shortcomings. I know they are
there. As I wrote, it is a prototype. The interface is not well thought
out yet. But if anybody writes about a (obivous) shortcoming and helps
in "correcting" it, it is just fine. Just like you helped by providing
good pointers (gtksourceview stuff).

> ps: to your c# generics TODO: check out gmcs, the mono c# compiler for
> generics from cvs.
Thanx for pointer.



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