[Mono-devel-list] bootstrap fix & problem

Brandon Barker bebark2 at uky.edu
Wed Jul 21 14:19:13 EDT 2004

Well this isn't exactly a fix, but when doing 'make monolite-bootstrap' I  
ran into this problem(HPUX/IA64):

cc -w +ESdbgasm -g -z -o monodis dump.o main.o   
-L/u/home2/bebark2/local/lib libmonodis.a ../metadata/.libs/libmetadata.a  
../io-layer/.libs/libwapi.a ../utils/.libs/libmonoutils.a  
/u/home2/bebark2/local/lib/libintl.so -lc -lnsl -lpthread -lm -lrt  
-L/u/home2/bebark2/local/lib -L/u/home2/bebark2/local/lib
ld: Unsatisfied symbol "InterlockedIncrement" in file  
ld: Unsatisfied symbol "InterlockedCompareExchange" in file  
2 errors.

This can be fixed by changing the cc arguments so that we have "-c  
unknown.c ../io-layer/atomic.o"

Once I try to continue make after having fixed this though, there is a new  

gmake[3]: Entering directory `/scratch/bebark2/repository/mono/mono/arch'
gmake[3]: *** No rule to make target `/libmonoarch-.la', needed by  
`libmonoarch.la'.  Stop.

I'll continue looking at this new problem, but I thought I'd go ahead and  
send it since I was sending in another.

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