[Mono-devel-list] more problems on the gentoo system

Chris Nuernberger cnuernberger at extendthereach.com
Sun Jul 18 17:14:50 EDT 2004

I run the ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr script and find that there are mono
config files at /usr/etc/mono after installing.
Also, I can't tell which configuration file mono is using.  I am trying to
get libgdiplus to work so I can use some system.drawing methods, and I get
an exception stating that the mono runtime can't find gdiplus.dll.  
I add the dll-to-so mapping to my /etc/mono/config file and it has
absolutely no effect.  I then started to insert incorrect characters into
the config file hoping to get an error so I would know which config mono was
using and that also had no effect.  Ditto for setting the MONO_CONFIG
environment variable.

I would like to know how to find out exactly where mono is looking for
config information and I would also like to get mono to output errors if a
dllmapping doesn't work for some reason.  I have libgdiplus from cvs, so it
is possible that interfaces don't match or something like that but I need to
get some error messages and I can't get a peep out of mono itself.

Here is my config:
	<dllmap dll="gdiplus.dll" target="libgdiplus.so"/>
	<dllmap dll="libglib-2.0-0.dll" target="libglib-2.0.so.0"/>
	<dllmap dll="cygwin1.dll" target="libc.so.6" />
	<dllmap dll="libc" target="libc.so.6" />
	<dllmap dll="libintl" target="libc.so.6" />
	<dllmap dll="libxslt.dll" target="libxslt.so" />
	<dllmap dll="libmySQL.dll" target="libmysqlclient.so" />
	<dllmap dll="odbc32.dll" target="libodbc.so" />
	<dllmap dll="oci" target="clntsh" />
	<dllmap dll="db2cli" target="libdb2_36.so"/>

Thanks, chris.

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