[Mono-devel-list] System.Drawing Development

Ravindra rkumar at novell.com
Wed Jul 14 00:23:50 EDT 2004

Hello Andrew,

Welcome aboard :-)

On Wed, 2004-07-14 at 00:58, Andrew Craven wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm interesting in contributing to Mono, and having checked the website 
> for which classes require work, I've decided I would like to help on the 
> System.Drawing namespace, as it's an area I'm interested in, and also as 
> I have written quite a bit of code against the Microsoft implementation.
> So, having checked out what classes/methods are needing work, I'd like 
> to also ask the list if anyone else is working on it, or which sections 
> are more urgently requiring attention, so I don't tread on anyone's toes 
> and can be as useful as possible. Does anyone have any suggestions as 
> for what to tackle first, or any areas which are best avoided?

Good to know that you are interested in working on System.Drawing. There
are couple of things missing in there. You can look for "MonoTODO"
and/or "NotImplemented" tags in System.Drawing and libgdiplus code and
help us finishing the missing things.
As major things are already done, our concentration right now is to make
the graphics and image classes as complete as possible. We have many
small functions missing in graphics, graphicspath and image. You can
take up some missing, notimplemented functions.

If you are looking for a major feature to contribute, it would be
helpful if you can work on printing support. It goes under
System.Drawing.Printing namespace.

Hope, you got some direction to go in. Please let me know if you want to
know anything else.


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