[Mono-devel-list] details of other testsuites, not included in the daily tests

Sebastien Pouliot spouliot at videotron.ca
Thu Jul 8 14:21:06 EDT 2004


> 1. Mono.Data.MySql & Mono.Data.DB2Client:
> 'make' throws the following error:

Both assemblies have been deprecated for some time. As such they haven't
been updated (AssemblyInfo.cs) to be signed when built, i.e. AssemblyKeyFile
attribute should point to "mono.pub" like other assemblies like
Mono.Dara.Tds. Note that other changes, like version numbers, must also be
adjusted for the multiple profiles.

As both assemblies are deprecated I'm unsure if adding the assemblies to the
daily tests is worth the time.

> 4. Microsoft.Web.Services

WSE2 has changed it's assembly name so the "double" problem can disappear.

However I'm not sure if anyone wants to continue developing WSE1. If not
then I don't think it's worth adding to daily tests as changes to other
assemblies, like Mono.Security, will break things and force to maintain the
incomplete assembly.

As for WSE2, if we choose to develop it, it should be moved to a new
directory (reflecting the new assembly name).

Sebastien Pouliot

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We are trying to integrate the following components with the existing
daily tests. But we are facing a few issues:

1. Mono.Data.MySql & Mono.Data.DB2Client:
'make' throws the following error:

        Couldn't sign the assembly
        ../../class/lib/default/Mono.Data.MySql.dll with this key pair.
        make: ***
        [../../build/deps/default_Mono.Data.MySql.dll.was_signed] Error

2. Mono.GetOptions :

GetOptTest/GetOptTester.cs- Compiles well, but throws an exception
during runtime :

        Unhandled Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object
        reference not set to an instance of an object
        in <0x00144> Mono.GetOptions.OptionDetails:.ctor

        in <0x002c1> Mono.GetOptions.OptionList:Initialize
        in <0x000cd> Mono.GetOptions.OptionList:.ctor
        in <0x00027> Mono.GetOptions.Options:ProcessArgs (string[])
        in <0x000c3> GetOptTest.GetOptTester:Main (string[])

3. System.Data.OracleClient

        TestOracleClient.cs : Compilation fails with the following error

        TestOracleClient.cs(118) error CS0136: A local variable named
        `row' cannot be declared in this scope since it would give a
        different meaning to `row', which is already used in a `child'
        scope to denote something else
        Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 0 warnings

4. Microsoft.Web.Services

essage.cs: compiles and executes

        ('make install' creates two dlls - Microsoft.Web.Services.1.dll
        and Microsoft.Web.Services.2.dll in /usr/local/lib. Had to copy
        /usr/local/lib/Microsoft.Web.Services.2.dll to
        /tmp/prefix/lib/Microsoft.Web.Services.dll to make the above
        test work)

        Has NUnit tests but 'make run-test' does not run any of the
        NUnit tests

Can anyone help in resolving these issues?


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