[Mono-devel-list] VB ... Very difficult to translate to C# !!!

Tizio Incognito tizioincognito at tiscali.be
Thu Jul 8 11:45:54 EDT 2004

Alessandro Torrisi said the following on 08/07/2004 17.28:

>Do you know how can I translate this in C# code ???
>I have very difficulties...
Hi Ale,

first of all the code you showed seems to be a direct translation of VB6 
code to VB.NET.
My suggestion is to try to make that code .NET compliant (eg: Right$ is 
deprecated, you better use the .Substring method of the String object, 
and so on).
I could convert it to C# but not at the moment, 'cause I'm working.
I'll be quite free in the weekend, so if you'll be still stuck we can 
meet on Sat or Sun.

BTW, I do believe that if you translate to VB.NET, than translation to 
C# will be easier and we can work on a more clean code. Try at first to 
run the code in pure VB.NET (without importing Microsoft.VisualBasic 
namespace, required to run functions like Right$).

Stay in touch,

Tizio Incognito

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