[Mono-devel-list] Contributing to Mono while having knowledgeof Rotor SSCLI

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Wed Jul 7 10:37:33 EDT 2004


> 1. Exact SSCLI Rotor EULA conditions stipulating its free use for
> educational purposes.
> 2. Omnipresence of disassembled .NET code snippets in books dealing with
> subject (even those issued by MSPress) - majority of us read them.
> 3. Inability for many developers willing to contribute to Mono to remain
> isolated from .NET - very often using it its their primary job.
> Anyway getting legal opinions from Novell or Free Software Foundation
> lawyers on that matter would be very helpful.

I encourage you then to contribute to areas that are not covered by
Rotor or any SSCLI code.   There are many areas where this is the case,
do not feel limited.

For example, there is no open source ASP.NET implementation: this is
your chance to help on the ASP.NET2 effort.   Sure, you wont be doing
work on corlib, but hey we can take care of that.

In fact the same applies to most of the 2.x features.


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