[Mono-devel-list] Mono.GetOptions

Marcus mathpup at mylinuxisp.com
Tue Jul 6 01:53:48 EDT 2004

I'm trying to use the Mono.GetOptions class, but it appears that certain 
styles of options are not possible to use with the current implementation. 
For example, to provide Windows-style syntax, I need to handle 
"/a:name=value". Unfortunately, GetOptions believes that this represents 
option "a" with parameter "name", and then another parameter value, which 
does not begin with "-" or "/", so it leaves it alone.

The problem is that ":" and "=" are both used to split the arguments, to 
permit "/b:banana" and "/b=banana". For certain parameters in Windows-style 
syntax, the context does need to be considered.

Has this been a problem for anyone else? Is anyone interested in a solution, 
is I happen to see about working on it? I see that Rafael did the last few 
bugfixes, so I don't know if the original author still is interested.


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