[Mono-devel-list] porting SharpDevelop

Carter Smithhart derheld42 at derheld.net
Sun Jul 4 18:12:26 EDT 2004

First off, Congratulations to everybody on their hard work :)

Now on to the questions..

I decided to attempt "porting" #develop from Windows C#/.NET to Gentoo
Linux/mono and I ran into several issues.. (Note: I haven't compiled
this on Windows, but I assume that it does.) The problems below seem to
indicate that there are differences between the Microsoft and mono .NET
APIs. Let me know if these are known or unknown issues and what I
should/can do about them!
(website: http://www.icsharpcode.net/OpenSource/SD/)

These are the pieces that seem to be missing so far.
- System.Windows.Forms.Control doesn't have some virtual methods:
OnPopup(), ProcessCmdKey()
- System.Windows.Forms.Message doesn't have GetLParam. It does have a
LParam property. Are they directly related? GetLParam returns an Object
and LParam returns an IntPtr.
- System.Windows.Forms.Screen.GetWorkingArea() doesn't take a Point. It
only takes a control.
- No overload for method `System.Windows.Forms.AxHost+ClsidAttribute'
takes `1' arguments. ctor(String) is used in an attribute. but
apparently it's not public.
- There are several other AxHost class (and sub class) compilation
problems.. Perhaps I'll post those problems later.

Carter Smithhart

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