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Daniel Morgan danielmorgan at verizon.net
Sun Jul 4 15:48:57 EDT 2004

Please note, I was not asking for OpenOffice to be ported to C#.  This
is a MAJOR undertaking that I do not think is feasible.  I was asking if
there is a way to do things programmatically with OpenOffice using
C#/Mono.  CLI-UNO maybe the answer; however, I have not tried it "yet".

Someone did point me to the
"CLI-UNO Language Binding Project Page"


Excerpt from the web page:

Project Goals

The CLI-UNO language binding allows to write UNO client programs for
OpenOffice.org with languages like C# or VB.NET. The language binding
will probably become part of OpenOffice.org 2.0. Until then one can use
an OpenOffice.org 1.1 and the language binding package which is
separately available from this page. 


The language binding is available as add-on to OpenOffice.org 1.1, which
can be downloaded here or in the download section of this page. The
package contains a InstallationNotes.sxw document which advises you on
how to install the package and run the examples. 

The language binding is NOT "final" yet. Therefore the implementation
may still change and break existing applications which are based on this
language binding. However, we encourage community members to try it out,
in order to discover potential problems. 

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> I think for doing this pure managed, you need a c# port of openoffice.

Is there any interest for doing this in the Mono community?  I for one
would love to see OpenOffice ported to C#/CLI.  (I'd love to see
everything ported).  I'd definitely contribute to this project.  I am
too busy to run it myself, and I have too little experience in the Open
Source community, I think.  

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