[Mono-devel-list] OpenOffice and Mono C#

M. ter Woord (meddochat) meddochat at ASK.ME
Sat Jul 3 08:18:47 EDT 2004

I think for doing this pure managed, you need a c# port of openoffice. when
you find one it would (probably) be easy to integrate some technique for use
it programmatically.

Matthijs ter Woord

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> Does anyone know how to programmtically use OpenOffice documents and
> spreadsheets from a Mono C# application.
> I have done stuff, such as, Mail Merge a document template with a data
> source to create a new document with Microsoft Word and VBA.  I also
> have created Excel spreadsheets and printed reports from Access mdb to
> PDF files via Acrobat.  The PDF creation problem is no big deal - I
> could use Ghostscript.
> You can do this in VBA in a word doc or word doc template.  Or you do it
> via a Word.Application and Word.Document objects in Visual Basic 6,
> Visual Basic.NET, and C#.  Of course, this is using COM Interop for the
> .NET stuff.
> I would like to do the same, but I would like to use OpenOffice.  The
> primary reason for using OpenOffice is cross-platform support.  Since
> OpenOffice is open source, you are safe to store your documents,
> spreadsheets, and other files in a format that can be used for years to
> come.  If Sun shuts down the OpenOffice project, you can always still
> use it or fix bugs.
> There have been many problems in the past about machine/os/apps becoming
> obsolete.  Since they have become obsolete, there was no way to get
> these old archived documents since the old software was closed source.
> The new Office suite from Microsoft, Office 2003 is a security nightmare
> to admins.  Office 2003 does a lot of things "for you" that in my
> opinion should be left up to the user, such as, going out to the
> internet to do various things without your knowledge.  This is not my
> words, these words are those admins who support Office.
> Moreover, I would like to be able to create cross-platform applications
> written in C# for Mono that can interact with OpenOffice.
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