[Mono-devel-list] POP3/SMTP component, LicenseManager.Validate()

Mathew Weaver mweaver at earthsoft.com
Thu Jan 29 17:51:58 EST 2004

I am just starting to learn Mono.  I have Mono (v0.29) running on
RedHat9 (I'm have only limited experience with Linux).  I have download
the source from AnonCVS.

I have am trying to evaulate a third-party component in my .NET
application to see if it will work on Mono.  I compile and run on
Windows (.NET Framework, not Mono) and it works fine.  I copy my *.exe
and the third-party app onto my RedHat9 machine and run the app with
Mono.  I get an NotImplementedException for
System.ComponentModel.LicenseManager.Validate(System.Type).  I checked
the class status pages on the Mono site - and sure enough, that method
has not been implemented.  

For testing purposes, I would like to try and change that method so it
doesn't through the exception.  I've looked through the Mono CVS source
and its unclear (to me) where the source is for that particular
component.  I also don't know how to compile just that one component -
or if I must recompile everything for that one change.  I'm not too
familiar with the Mono library paths - so I'm not sure where it finds
the components to use at run-time.

The third-party component I am evaluating is used for receiving POP3
email and sending authenticated SMTP email.  I read somewhere about some
additional Mono classes that may provide similar functionality.  Would
that be a better approach (as opposed to changing LicenseManager.cs)?  

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