[Mono-devel-list] Re: System.Data.Common Classes

tim at timcoleman.com tim at timcoleman.com
Wed Jan 28 09:44:32 EST 2004

> Hi,
>  2  questions with respect to completing the implementation of Some the
> classes, any pointers/answers will be helpful
> 1. The Status at the www.go-mono.com shows a list of methods to be
> implemented, but the actual code has many methods with the  MonoTODO
> tag.
> Eg the DbDataRecord class. 
> a. Is the status on the web autogenerated based on the tag?

Yes.  The status is generated based on reflection.

> b. Some methods throw notimplementedexception, whereas others return
> null or have some code. How should I go about approaching this..

Different developers have different ways of doing this.  Sometimes
incomplete methods will have some code, but be incomplete.  I do that
sometimes because I want to give the next person that looks at it a
good head start.  I think it's better to half-implement the function
and then throw a NotImplementedException than to do nothing at all.
I'm not sure about returning null, but it's possible that doing otherwise
would break a test case.  What's really important is that the function
has a MonoTODO flag which marks it as being incomplete.

> 2. Some of the code is with a if NET_1_2 whereas with the MS
> documentation I see it with the .NET1.1. Is there any specific reason
> that this was done like this.?

If you find a part that is marked as being NET_1_2 when it should be
NET_1_1, then that is a bug.  Please change it to NET_1_1.  Without
a specific example, I can't really say.

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