[Mono-devel-list] S.D.gdiplus implementation

Ravindra rkumar at novell.com
Wed Jan 28 01:57:32 EST 2004

Hi all,
Recently, there was a discussion among us on IRC. Thanks to Peter for
providing us lots of useful information. We had a common opinion that
current gdiplus implementation in S.D is not clean and it might become
difficult to maintain as it will grow. So, we all thought that it would
be better to use Object-oriented C approach instead, where we can have
class like structure. We can do something similar to inheritance, e.g.,
struct typedef {int Brushtype;} GpBrush;
struct typedef {GpBrush* brush; int color;} GpSolidBrush;
It would result in code changes but existing code is not too big to
modify. So, that should not be an issue.
Now, there might be other issues like implementing virtual functions or
something else. I don't know, if this approach could lead to any severe

Any thoughts?


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