[Mono-devel-list] How to disable "Shared memory sanity check failed" messages?

Dick Porter dick at ximian.com
Tue Jan 27 10:45:50 EST 2004

On Mon, 2004-01-19 at 23:18, Bernie Solomon wrote:
> Actually there is more to it (I think) than my fix. Linux puts the
> handle daemon socket the "abstract namespace" whereas other
> platforms put it in /tmp which will definitely be per-machine.
> My fix makes the other files the daemon uses per-machine too -
> in fact I wonder whether they shouldn't be in /tmp too - not
> sure why ~/.wapi is used as a default? Can someone explain
> this?

I didn't use /tmp, because files there can be blown away at any time and
mono processes might well be long-lived.  I'm not sure it's a good idea
to have the socket there either.

> However I don't know really what "in the abstract namespace"
> means (initial Google searches haven't found useful definitions
> just references to its existence) and how that interacts
> with NFS mounts, if at all. It does sounds per machine in itself
> so maybe that is enough to keep things separate and maybe these
> problems were indeed left over scratch files. I don't have access
> to a network with multiple Linux machines to tests anything.

The abstract namespace is just a way of using Unix domain sockets on
linux without the need for a filesystem entry.

BTW, your machine-name filename patch looks fine.

- Dick

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