[Mono-devel-list] Release planning.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Thu Jan 22 00:44:34 EST 2004

Hey guys,

    We are approaching a new release of Mono.  I have put a preview up
of Mono 0.30, and we will likely have a release on Tuesday/Wednesday,
with the actual tree being tagged on Monday (it takes a while to build

    I will be putting together the release notes by reading CVS, but
this task is massive and its easy to miss the finer points of what
happened, so I would appreciate if you could mail me notes about what
you did for this release.  

    I will still go over all the commits, but it would help me a lot if
you had some comments like `MCS is now 30% faster' or `We reduced memory
consumption in XXX', that sort of thing.

    For the next two days my email access will be sporadic, and am gone
for the next week to the ECMA meeting, but will check e-mail


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