[Mono-devel-list] gdiplus - chicken/egg problem ?

Marc Recht recht at netbsd.org
Tue Jan 20 06:48:21 EST 2004


I'm working on the packages for NetBSD's pkgsrc ( http://www.pkgsrc.org/ ) 
and stumbled across a problem from a packaging/package system POV: 
libgdiplus.dll.so. It only comes in binary form with the mono-* 
distribution. Building the mcs-* distribution isn't IMHO really an option 
either, since it requires an installed runtime first. In my case this would 
require the installation of the mono pkg, which would install the 
(complete) mono package - including *.dll and libgdiplus.dll.so. In other 
words: ./configure && make && make install. Then I'd need to install a mcs 
pkg which would overwrite parts of the mono pkg - eg. *.dll and 
libgdiplus.dll.so. This is not an option from a package system POV.
Is this correct or did I miss something? Is there a way to install a 
minimal mono runtime which is suited to build mcs, but doesn't install 
conflicting/same files? Or is there a may to build libgdiplus.dll.so while 
buildling the mono runtime?

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