[Mono-devel-list] Patch for Bug 45976

S Umadevi sumadevi at novell.com
Tue Jan 20 07:19:05 EST 2004

   Thanks for your comments on the patch..
I wanted clarficiations on the fix that Marco  has provided and the
comment that you had on my fix ..
Should the code work on the fact that the ASCII values of characters?
Using this mechanism of range for ASCII characters will it be possible
to work with any other langugage? (should any other language be
considered  or is it ok to work with English only?)


>>> Francois Beauchemin <beauche at softhome.net> 1/19/04 11:57:19 PM >>>
Hi !

Marco Cravairo has posted another patch for this bug.  ( See : 

I've just reviewed his patch and it work well. A quick look to your 
patch show you adressed the problem at a different angle. You modified

the interpreter and Marco has modified the CaracterClass class to
a range to contain Uppercase and lower-case char when using ignore

I've done a little regression test ( attached ) and your patch does not

pass one test.

I attach the patch of Marco ( with a little modifcation in the new 
method Interval::Intersect ) and the regression test.

In my opinion, your approach  is more optimized but at least one case
not adressed

For example the regex [A-a] should match the string "[" since [ is 
between uppercase and lowercase char in the asscii table ...

Francois Beauchemin

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