[Mono-devel-list] System.Text.RegularExpression Benchmark

Eric Durand Tremblay erdut2 at ift.ulaval.ca
Mon Jan 12 09:57:14 EST 2004

Hi all,

Sorry for the bad formatting of the precedent Regex Benchmark.

Here are the results :

Regex :
	NbMatch 	Mono 	MS interpreted 	MS Compiled
mysql 	6934 	235 	20 	20
	48810 	2000 	2183 	631
	1810 	2600 	2884 	912
	556 	8250 	4286 	2193
	1231 	4100 	2454 	751
	334 	63020 	31906 	15312

Note that the test on Mono was not runned on the same OS with the same 
programs open.....  The only intresting result is the great difference 
between MS interpreted and MS Compiled.  We only intend to use this bech 
to verify our gain of performances vs mono actual implementation.

We have oppened a blog about our ILBased Regex project, feel free to 
visit : http://aeglos.dyndns.org/tip-mono

Last issue, we discovered that the actual RegularExpression is not 
compatible with MS runtime,  especially the RegexCollectionBase class.  
Should we post a bug report for this?

Eric Durand Tremblay
Fraçois Beauchemin
University Laval
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