[Mono-devel-list] mod_mono/XSP, monodoc, MonoDevelop, and Debugger on Windows

Daniel Morgan danielmorgan at verizon.net
Sat Jan 10 21:17:23 EST 2004


I am interested in including any tools for Mono in a future release of a
Mono/Gtk# Windows Installer.


I have seen requests for mod_mono/XSP support for Apache on Windows.  What
would it take to get it to work on Windows?

Apache is included with Oracle 9i Enterprise database software and with
Cygwin.  So, Apache is definitely supported on Windows.


How do you build and run MonoDoc on Windows?  Does MonoDoc's dependencies,
such as, gtkhtml3 work on Windows?  If the gtk# version does not work, is
there a different version, such as, a ASP.NET version of MonoDoc which will
work on Windows?  Probably, it'll be better just to include the HTML docs.


For MonoDevelop, I understand it is too early to say if it can be built on
Windows.  However, I am interested to know what is needed to build it and
how to build it.

Mono Debugger

For the Debugger, what would it take to modify Martin Baulig's Mono Debugger
to debug Mono assemblies on Windows?


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