[Mono-devel-list] Re: SystemBrushes and SystemPens - resending

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Wed Jan 7 22:35:34 EST 2004


> Given this remark, I think the current implementation of SystemBrushes
> is not correct as we are creating objects whenever a property is
> requested. Please find attached my patch for correcting the same. I have
> modified SystemPens also.Additionally, I have added support for
> "FromSystemColor(Color)" method and few other missing properties in both
> of the classes.

You are correct.

> 1. I have noticed that SystemColors vary with theme on Windows.
> Therefore, I don't think current implementation of SystemColors is going
> to give us proper values, as it has hardcoded values. May be we should
> look at some option of getting these values from desktop or we can use
> values of windows classic theme(?).

Yes, we should file a bug report about this.   This information should
come at some point from the theme information, but we should not bother
too much with this now, we can do that later.

> I don't know how can I achieve this behavior on Mono. Please give me
> some idea to get the same behavior.

Have an internal flag on the Pen, `is_system', and on the setters, you
do something like:

class Pen {
	Color Color {
		get { ... }
		set { if (is_system) throw Exception (); else ... }


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