[Mono-devel-list] Managed implementation of OracleClient?

Jörg Rosenkranz joergr at voelcker.com
Wed Jan 7 11:27:02 EST 2004

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for your answers.

The different options:
1. The provider from DataDirect Technologies looks promising
   but licence prices are really high.
2. OleDb -> No handling of (B)LOBs (IDataReader.GetBytes/GetChars)
   We need this in our app.
3. ODBC -> Same problem as OleDb.

In your other mail you wrote about similar problems with WineLib.
I haven't found any solution other than patching WineLib to use
the correct PThreads implementation. This is no option for OCI
because there are no sources for this.


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> I don't know of any that works on Mono.
> Does OCI have problems in a multithreaded environment for 
> programs written
> in other languages, such as, C or C++?
> Someone did point out there is a fully managed Oracle ADO.NET 
> provider, but
> I do not know if it works on Mono.  If its fully managed, 
> there's a good
> chance it does.
> http://www.datadirect-technologies.com/products/dotnet/dotneto
> verview.asp
> I wonder if someone has reversed engineered the way Oracle 
> data access works
> between client and server.  I would be interested in this.  
> Any takers?
> Have you tried the other data providers in Mono to access 
> Oracle, such as,
> OleDb and Odbc?  If so, how did they work out for you?
> BTW, feel free to add threading support in Mono's 
> OracleClient if that works
> for you.
> OpenLinks is a commercial solution for Linux and Unix and Windows
> providing ADO.NET providers for Oracle and other DBMSes.  
> Developers from
> OpenLinks have gotten their stuff to work with Mono.
> http://docs.openlinksw.com/st/dnetarch.html#dnetmanage
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> Subject: [Mono-devel-list] Managed implementation of OracleClient?
> Hi all,
> Do you know of any fully managed Oracle ADO.NET provider which works
> with Mono?
> Background:
> We're having massive problems using System.Data.OracleClient. It
> crashes every now and then with segmentation faults. I think this
> is caused by using OCI in a multithreaded environment. A fully managed
> implementation of the TNS protocol should not have such problems.
> See also my mail sent on 12/18/2003.
> Thanks,
> Joerg.
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