[Mono-devel-list] Managed implementation of OracleClient?

Daniel Morgan danielmorgan at verizon.net
Tue Jan 6 22:21:19 EST 2004

I don't know of any that works on Mono.

Does OCI have problems in a multithreaded environment for programs written
in other languages, such as, C or C++?

Someone did point out there is a fully managed Oracle ADO.NET provider, but
I do not know if it works on Mono.  If its fully managed, there's a good
chance it does.

I wonder if someone has reversed engineered the way Oracle data access works
between client and server.  I would be interested in this.  Any takers?

Have you tried the other data providers in Mono to access Oracle, such as,
OleDb and Odbc?  If so, how did they work out for you?

BTW, feel free to add threading support in Mono's OracleClient if that works
for you.

OpenLinks is a commercial solution for Linux and Unix and Windows
providing ADO.NET providers for Oracle and other DBMSes.  Developers from
OpenLinks have gotten their stuff to work with Mono.

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Hi all,

Do you know of any fully managed Oracle ADO.NET provider which works
with Mono?

We're having massive problems using System.Data.OracleClient. It
crashes every now and then with segmentation faults. I think this
is caused by using OCI in a multithreaded environment. A fully managed
implementation of the TNS protocol should not have such problems.

See also my mail sent on 12/18/2003.

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