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Sun Feb 29 19:25:15 EST 2004

On Sun, 2004-02-29 at 19:04, Ben Maurer wrote:
> Hello,
> It is pretty hard for me to tell what you are doing here because you
> have integrated a formatting change. I cant tell what the diff is.
> Also, relating to formatting, please use the same indentation method as
> the file you are working in. The file is in tabs, you submitted your
> patch in spaces.
> As well, you give no changelog, and it is not clear what your problem
> was and how you fixed it.
> -- Ben

Ignoring the patch... here's the problem I'm having.  In the
changeset.xml file the DocSet attribute of DocSetChangeset contains a
name generated by assembler.exe, but no path for that file.  From what I
can tell EditMerge searches for that file by the second parameter you
pass into --merge-changes.  So by using the path I supply, it finds the
DocSet, but then fails to find the file set in the RealFile attribute of
FileChangeset because its path DOES NOT START where my second parameter
to --merge-changes leaves off.  Here's the Xml generated by monodoc when
I edit one of my docs.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <DocSetChangeset DocSet="Umbrella.PMS-doc">
      <Change XPath="/Type [@FullName =
          <summary>User level interface to PMS.</summary>


The DocSet (Umbrella.PMS-doc) actually exists in 'doc/api' which is part
of the RealFile path for the edited file.  So if I change either values
(Docset or RealFile) so that they start from the same directory
everything works OK.  So I'm generated the docs wrong, or monodoc is not
holding all the values it necessarily should - and since monodoc seems
to work fine for everyone else, I'm probably doing it wrong.  Here's how
I generated the docs.

mono ../../class/lib/updater.exe ../../class/lib/Umbrella.PMS.dll -o
doc/api/en -f

mono ../../class/lib/assembler.exe --ecma doc/api/en -o

... help?

~ Matthew

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