[Mono-devel-list] First CIL Regex performance result

Eric Durand Tremblay eric.durand-tremblay.1 at ulaval.ca
Fri Feb 27 15:19:51 EST 2004

Hello all,

We have finished compiling some basic regex with our IL Compilator.  All 
anchor, character matching, string matching and alternation construct 
are completed.

Before we continue our work, I decided to try some benchmark to see if 
we are in the good way.  The result where disastrous !!!

For a simple regex like (a|b), our compiled regex is LESS efficient ( 
take 150% more time ) then interpreted regex.  Note that the algorythms 
used are exactly the same and that the number of matches is equal in the 
two approach.

After taking some time crying, François decided to  try it with the  
.net runtime.  Results are as expected : OUR compiled regex are MORE 
efficient ( take 50% less time  then the interpreted ones) when running 
on the .net runtime.

So, we taught that maybe, mono dynamic assembly where somehow less 
efficient than .net ones.  We tryed to bechmark this with absolutely no 

You will find a copy of the benchmarks we used attached to this mail.

Then, if anybody have any idea on the subject, we will be glad to hear it.

Eric Durand-Tremblay
TIP-MONO ( a University Laval project)
Blog : http://aeglos.dyndns.org/tip-mono
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