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Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz brunofr at olympum.com
Fri Feb 27 01:08:05 EST 2004


On Wed, 2004-02-25 at 22:04, Philip wrote:
> I'm using monodoc to build some docs for a project and had a few
> questions. First monodoc has been integrated into our build system,
> integration was easy and the docs look great. Once the docs are built
> (make doc) they're exported to the sources directory where they can be
> viewed with the browser. I want to be able to sync any docs generated
> from future code changes, and documentation written through the browser.
> Do I have to do anything special here to prevent anything from being
> lost? 

You can use the monodoc browser to merge the changes. E.g.:

monodoc --merge-changes ~/.config/monodoc/changeset.xml ~/myproject/doc

The doc directory needs to contain the root of your documentation (e.g.

You can also use the updater.exe to update your Xml files with type
change in the assembly.

> Second, I'm getting errors in the browser when viewing my name spaces.
> The classes view with the "Type" and "Summary" headings show up fine
> with the Type field populated with my class names and the Summary field
> containing the "to be added" tag and "An error occured while loading
> type information: File "My.Namespace" not found. I'm not really sure
> where to start tracking this one down. Any help would be great.

That's typically because the assembly containing My.Namespace is not
visible to monodoc, and monodoc fails to load it.

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