[Mono-devel-list] XmlTextReader

Janus N. Tøndering janus at bananus.dk
Wed Feb 25 19:39:06 EST 2004


I am working on a Jabber client for GTK/GNOME and I decided to use
Mono/C# as the development platform. I am not experienced with either.

I have run into some problems with XmlTextReader. I am sending a
"<iq...>...</iq>" message and I am waiting for the response. No matter
what Read method I use it won't return the data received before the
connection times out and the server sends an error message. I used
tcpdump to verify that the answer actually arrives.

I am aware that XmlTextReader does buffering but shouldn't it return
data as soon as it is available? Is there anything special I should be
aware of? 

If needed, I can post the code in question.
Any help is appreciated.

Janus N. Tøndering

Janus N. Tøndering <janus at bananus.dk>
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