[Mono-devel-list] [PATCH] String speedup

Varga Zoltan vargaz at freemail.hu
Tue Feb 24 14:35:50 EST 2004


   The icall wrappers are needed even if the icall itself
can't throw
exceptions, for async exceptions like thread abort, etc.
What is needed
is some work to optimize these wrappers so they don't take so
much time. If you use an newer glibc with __thread support, the
runtime already does some optimizations, so on these
systems, the
icall wrappers are much faster.


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> Hrm, i guess I tried too hard :-).
> Even though your new version beats the ICall in most cases, 
> I'd really like to see a cheaper way to make the call to 
> memcpy and other such methods.
> I was talking with Miguel about this and he suggested working 
> around the exception handling helpers.
> Last night, I told the JIT not to make a wrapper for CPBLK. I 
> instantly got a huge perf boost. However, I dont think we can 
> do it for cpblk out of correctness (what if you try to copy 
> 10 bytes from NULL to NULL, what would happen to the 
> exception without the unwind info?)
> However, for internal calls, we can make some assumptions 

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