[Mono-devel-list] Weird behavior of DateTime poperties in asp controls

Gustav Schauwecker gustav-w-s at online.de
Thu Feb 19 01:21:16 EST 2004

On Thursday 19 February 2004 02:43, Iain McCoy wrote:
> This is just a guess, but I think it's possible that the required date
> format is DD.MM.YYYY, but you're giving it MM.DD.YYYY - that is, you are
> supplying days where you should supply months and vice versa.

I tried all date formats I could imagine but that did not help.
I found out this is a localization problem. Everything works fine if I unset 
LC_ALL before mod-mono-server gets startet. My LC_ALL was set to de_DE.

Here is a small list of dates that work/don't work with LC_ALL=de_DE
doesn't work		works
24/02/2004		10/02/2004 (result: 10. Feb 2004)
2004/13/03		2004/12/03 (result: 12. Mar 2004)
28.03.2004		03.05.2004 (result:  3. May 2004)

If LC_ALL is not set the date format is: MM.dd.yyyy
with LC_ALL=de_DE it is: dd.MM.yyyy

I guess this is a mod-mono-server problem


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