[Mono-devel-list] Detecting Mono

Charlie Poole cpoole at pooleconsulting.com
Mon Feb 16 12:36:42 EST 2004

Hi Nick,

We have plans for a Platform attribute in the next release - which is
how the question came up. This is not quite what you are suggesting, at
least as I envisioned it.

1. The platform is specified as os platform (e.g. linux) or a framework
(e.g. mono) or possibly a combination of the two if that seems useful.

2. The attribute is applied when loading - rather than running the tests
- so that a test for a different platform is not even seen in the tree.

3. Not having any attribute means run on all platforms.

4. A possible extension is to allow saying all platforms except mono.

Any comments on this approach?

Charlie Poole
cpoole at pooleconsulting.com

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> | Hi All,
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> | I'm working under Windows to develop the next release of NUnit, and 
> | I'm testing under Mono as well as MS .NET.
> | 
> | In order to be sure I'm running under mono in a particlular test
> execution,
> Charlie,
> It'd be great if we had some attributes like "IgnoreDotNet" 
> and "IgnoreMono" with which we could decorate a test to avoid 
> running tests on specific CLR's.  My quick hack to the code 
> would be to change
> TestCaseBuilder.HasIgnoreAttribute() check for the full 
> Ignore, or see what runtime we are on and check for the 
> specific attributes accordingly.
> Thanks,
> Nick D.

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