[Mono-devel-list] Mod_mono devel

Chris Turchin chris at turchin.net
Mon Feb 16 12:18:14 EST 2004

Hi Rodrigo,

On Mon, 16 Feb 2004, Rodrigo Roman wrote:

> Is there any list specifically for mod_mono?
> Who is taking care of its development at this moment? (apache.org page
> seems really outdated)

When I file bug reports it is Gonzalo who fixes them ;-) Which is to say, you
can post bugs in bugzilla - i found this one: 52763 - from Jackson in System.Web
under Mono Class Libraries, for example :-)

> Is there any plan to get rid of the intermediate file that comunicates
> apache with mono server executable?

IIRC, this is not really a "file" but a unix socket, which is then used for
communication with the backend (see the afore mentioned bug or the FAQ for
more info). The old mod_mono did this differently (via the embedding api but I
think has some other problems and is more difficult to install).

> Thanks!

hope that helps,

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