[Mono-devel-list] MBuild preview release 0.0.2

Peter Williams peter at newton.cx
Mon Feb 9 21:12:42 EST 2004

Hi everyone,

I've posted an updated preview of MBuild, my fancy slicey-dicey build
tool at:


As before, see doc/Manifesto.txt in the tarball for an explanation of
what I'm trying to accomplish with MBuild.

There's been a lot of work under the hood: there's now a nice system for
executing tools, with classes for filtering their output a la grep and
sed; the beginnings of the configury mechanism are in place; the logging
and error reporting infrastructure is working now; and I have target
'tags' working although there isn't much fancy going on so far.

As in the first release, there's a walkthrough in the file TUTORIAL.
It's been updated to demonstrate the new features in this release.

I'd be glad to answer any questions or comments that come up. MBuild
still has a user base of exactly 0, but the infrastructure is coming
along nicely. Still, on the whole, MBuild won't change your life ...


Peter Williams                          peter at newton.cx

"[Ninjas] are cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet."
                              -- REAL Ultimate Power

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