[Mono-devel-list] Status to Exception handling in GDI+

Duncan Mak duncan at ximian.com
Thu Feb 5 18:57:17 EST 2004

Hey Ravindra!

I see that you implemented Status code checking in the System.Drawing
code base. I noticed that you've been using the following pattern:

void someFunction ()
    Status s = GdipDoSomething ();

    if (s != Status.Ok)
        throw GetException (s);
        return aValue;

Exception GetException (Status s)
    // a case switch here.

I don't think this is necessary and it's a round-about way of doing the
check. I would much prefer to see:

void f ()
    Status s = GdipDooSmoething ();
    CheckStatus (s);

void CheckStatus (Status s)
    if (s == Status.Ok) return;
    else {
       // put case switch here and throw the Exception immediately.

I also noticed that, in your current GetException implementation, you

String message;

switch (status) {
    // TODO: Test and add more status code mappings here
    case Status.GenericError:
        message = String.Format ("Generic Error.");
        return new Exception (message);

    case ....:
        message = ....;

there's no need for that, instead say:

switch (status) {
    case Status.GenericError:
        throw new Exception ("Generic Error.");

    case FooBar:
        throw new FooBarException ("Foo Bar error");


I think it is excellent that we now have checking of error codes in C#
from our GDI+ implementation, but I think doing this way is more
manageable and efficient than the current implementation.

We should also move the CheckStatus / GetException method out of the
abstract Brush class (gdipFunction.cs is not a bad location), as
managing the mapping from GDI+ Status codes to .NET Exceptions is not an
operation that is relevant to the Brush class.


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