[Mono-devel-list] Problems wth ds.ReadXml () (DataSet)

Philip Van Hoof spamfrommailing at freax.org
Thu Feb 5 11:52:33 EST 2004

Hi there,

When I want to read a DataSet from an XML-file from both a
ManifestResource or a file I always get this Exception:

"A null value was found where an object instance was required"

I am running mono-0.30 on a Fedora Core 1

This is the code I am trying:

DataSet conf = new DataSet();
Assembly a = c.GetType().Assembly;
System.IO.Stream ConfigFile =
-> Exception point <-
conf.ReadXml (ConfigFile);
-> Exception point <-

When I loop the resource-names I do get the resource
"Cronos.Xnet.XnetDotBe.DAL.DALConfig.xml" in the string-array (so the
resource actually does exist). Note that it has been compiled using VS
2003 .NET (not using Mono).

I can also try something like :

conf.ReadXml ("/home/freax/cvs/XnetDotBe/XnetDotBe/bin/DALConfig.xml");

And read the XML from a file on my filesystem (and indeed, that file
'does' exist, of course -I am not VERY stupid, you know-)

'The line' (so not my code) will throw the same exception

I am indeed running this code using xsp (it's a ASP.NET website, yes)

This is how my xml-file looks  (nothing THAT strange about it huh):

On Microsoft .NET it will load the DataSet with a table Config and
columns like "ConnectionString" and "DatabaseType". This code works
1000% perfectly on the Microsoft .NET framework (and it's not very very
platform specific, imho)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<!-- Database connectivity settings //-->

<!-- Other possibilities //-->
<!--    <ConnectionString>server=W2SK-MSSQL;User
ID=sa;Password=;database=Default</ConnectionString> //-->
<!--    <DatabaseType>Oracle</DatabaseType> //-->
<!--    <DatabaseType>MySQL</DatabaseType> //-->
<!--    <DatabaseType>PostgreSQL</DatabaseType> //-->
<!--    <DatabaseType>Odbc</DatabaseType> //-->
<!--    <DatabaseType>SqlServer</DatabaseType> //-->

<!-- The Implementations for each Interface //-->


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