[Mono-devel-list] Stopping the GC inside program?

Nigel Benns nigel_benns at rogers.com
Thu Dec 30 14:10:54 EST 2004

> Hello,
>> OK, I've figured out more on my problem, but I would just like to know
>> if
>> there is anything I can do about this.
>> The low-down thus far:
>> Importing a lib (Ecore) that hooks SIGPWR.
>> When I initiate the function that hooks it(ecore_init()), everything
>> runs
>> fine, except that the program doesn't exit. It just sits there.
> This has to do with pending running threads;  You might want to check
> the document:
> 	mono/docs/threading
> Miguel

So the your saying Ecore is creating threads that are not being killed at
the end of the program?

Is there any functions I can call that will tell me all of the open threads?
I've tried debugging the program with the mono --debug, but that doesn't
show anything relevant. (I'm guessing because its Marshalled?)

If I run ecore_init() in a different thread, will it be able to hook
SIGPWR properly? Or will the GC just get in the way still?

Threading will highly complicate the entire thing... Since I'm trying to
import ewl (Enlightenment Widget Library) I was trying to keep things
similar to Gtk-Sharp.

I've been looking to their sourcecode for answers but nothing has turned up.

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