[Mono-devel-list] System.Drawing.Font question

Aleksandar Dezelin dezelin32 at fastmail.fm
Wed Dec 22 06:22:26 EST 2004

Jordi Mas wrote:

> What's my understanding of the issue. Correct me if I'm wrong.
> CharSet has no real meaning in System.Drawing. C# applications are
> Unicode. In MS .Net, DrawString uses font fallback to locate a glyph to 
> display characters that your desired that the font does not contain. You
> can control this with the StringFormatFlags enumeration (see
> NoFontFallback value). Basically,  when FontFallback is active, with
> every font you can display any glyph.
> The Font object in System.Drawing has the GdiCharSet property that
> allows to specify the charset for this font. I actually never has seen
> this value <> 0.
> In System.Windows.Forms the FontDialog allows you to select a script,
> but the Font object returned always has GdiCharSet = 1. It looks like
> the UI allows to select a script but the Font returned does not really
> contains the information since System.Drawing do not really uses it.

I've seen that but I had to ask - .NET just calls underlaying system 
FontDialog as I think - which in turn displays a combobox to allow font 
charset selection which is actually never used.

> My suggestion there will be not shown the script information since it's
> not passed into the Font object created and it's not used at all.
> In the other side, libgdiplus has no fallback system, then if a glyph is
> not present is just not shown. To be honest, the i18n part has been
> never worked, since I think that we should wait to see if Cairo and
> Pango are finally integrated.
> Jordi,
> Note: I'm CC mono-winforms-list

Regardindg the i18n Mono issues: should we implement something like "_T" 
string macro in C++ Qt and KDE libraries and work with .po files? I 
think it's a standard way for internationalization of Open Source projects.

Aleksandar Dezelin

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