[Mono-devel-list] [ANN] X-develop - a mult-language IDE for Mono, Java and .NET

Jo Vermeulen jo at lumumba.luc.ac.be
Mon Dec 20 11:22:44 EST 2004

Op ma, 20-12-2004 te 13:31 +0100, schreef Hans Kratz:
> Hi!
> We have just released a preview version of X-develop, our cross-platform 
> multi-language IDE for Mono, Java and .NET. X-develop offers features 
> that were previously only available in modern Java IDEs to C# developers 
> using Mono.
> More information and a free preview version of X-develop are now
> available from http://www.x-develop.com

This may be a stupid question but is X-develop (or will it ever be) open
source? :-)

Kind regards,

Jo Vermeulen <jo at lumumba.luc.ac.be>

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