[Mono-devel-list] [ANN] X-develop - a mult-language IDE for Mono, Java and .NET

Hans Kratz kratz at omnicore.com
Mon Dec 20 07:31:43 EST 2004


We have just released a preview version of X-develop, our cross-platform 
multi-language IDE for Mono, Java and .NET. X-develop offers features 
that were previously only available in modern Java IDEs to C# developers 
using Mono.

More information and a free preview version of X-develop are now
available from http://www.x-develop.com

Feature showcase:

* Instant detection of errors throughout all files

No need to compile in order to find out if there are errors. X-develop 
checks all files in the solution on-the-fly in the background and 
displays errors in an instant.

* Refactoring

X-develop includes refactorings for renaming variables, methods, 
classes, changing method signature, extracting methods and more.

* Productivity features

X-develop boosts productivity with coding tools such as Organize 
imports, Usage search, Code formatting, Smart templates, Go to class, Go 
to symbol and more.

* VS.net 2005 compatibility

X-develop uses the solutio/project concept from VS.net 2005. 
Solutions/projects created for Windows can be loaded and modified with 
X-develop on Linux.

Current limitations for using X-develop with Mono:

- Development for Mono is currently only supported on Linux x86.

- The Mono framework directory has to be specified using the MONO_HOME 
environment variable.

- There is no build support for Mono within the IDE until an MSBUILD 
clone is implemented.

- There is no support for running applications which would be kind of 
pointless without build support.

- There is no debugging support (AFAIK, there is currently no stable 
Mono debugging API).

- There is no support for displaying Monodoc comments. Monodoc uses a 
totally different format compared with XML files used by Microsoft.

If you have any comments please contact us at info at omnicore.com or using 
the discussion forum at http://forum.omnicore.com

Best regards,

Hans Kratz
Omnicore Software

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