[Mono-devel-list] using mono to write a linux gui

Michael Geis michaelgeis11 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 17 20:29:46 EST 2004

Thanks, Jon that was a lot of useful info.
Let me try to put this together terms of the options this boils down to.
1) The simple option to stay within C++ and use gtkmm. 
2) If I wanted to use mono for gtk# or Qt#, there seem to be two ways:
a) Keep it all under linux. This means wrapping with swig and using DllImport in C#. It may be some effort but pretty much seems to be guaranteed to work.
b)Compile my code into CIL under Windows. Problem: It might contain sections of native code, that might not run under linux. Is that still possible if my code does not contain any VC++ features (it does compile under gcc)? This difficulty would be solved by Whidbey, though. Is that correct?
Suppose I made it that far. If I wanted to develop with C#, both Windows and mono are candidates. But mono does not support C++/CIL, so if I wanted to stay with C++ only, I
would have to code under Windows.
Did I understand you properly?
A final point: Are gtk# and qt# still an option in C++/CIL. In otherwords, does that sharp imply that they can only be used withon C#?
Thanks very much I appreciate a lot the depth you go into with your answers.

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