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Thanks Patrik,
Gonzalo said I should check for null but this is the first suggestion I've heard of what to do if it is null. I will give it try and report back.
Best Regards,
Joe Audette

"Torstensson, Patrik" <patrik.torstensson at intel.com> wrote:
Hi guys,
GetPreLoadedEntityBody can return null even in MS environment for custom developed web servers, like Cassino. That's the reason why HttpWorkerRequest has the method HasEntitybody. Custom HttpModules MUST check if the web server has preloaded the client request data (entity) or not, if not it must use the ReadEntityBody to get the client request data.
So, from my point of view this is a bug in SlickUpload.
 Patrik Torstensson


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>If you run that code inside XSP it will work, but you're not giving any
context for it.
I am running mod_mono so I can only take your word that it would run under XSP. If something runs under XSP shouldn't it also run under mod_mono?
Are you saying that XSPWorkerRequest .GetPreLoadedEntityBody() does not return null while ModMonoWorkerRequest.GetPreLoadedEntityBody() does return null?
The .NET SDK documentation says that GetPreLoadedEntityBody() should return the portion of the request that has already been read and that is what it does under windows in Subclasses of HttpWorkerRequest.
SlickUpload is a custom HttpModule for .NET that facilitates large file uploads and provides a status that can be used to implement a progress bar during upload. I am using it in my web site framework and it works under windows but not under mod_mono
http://krystalware.com/files/AdvancedUploadSpike.zip is a very small demo app that uses this module.
The source code for the module itself is here
Both of the above are very small downloads
>If you have a self-contained test case (the smaller the better) that
works under MS and fails on mono, it's a bug (bugzilla.ximian.com).
Is the above sufficient to enter a bugzilla? When you say test case do you mean a sample app or are you talking NUnit?

Best Regards,
Joe Audette

joe_audette at yahoo.com

joe_audette at yahoo.com
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