[Mono-devel-list] using mono to write a linux gui

Michael Geis michaelgeis11 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 16 23:37:08 EST 2004

I am looking for a GUI library to make music scores properly editable (currently, it's just xml based). My music modules are written in c++, and the final app only needs to run under linux.
Some ppl say that creating GUI's is easier to do on windows which is why  I am considering writing the GUI in C#  (which I havent learnt yet) with function calls to my C++  code. 
The idea of CLR and CIL is still new to me: My so far understanding of it suggests that once a C#  app has been compiled you can run it on any platform if you have the required virtual machine(just as python runs everywhere provided you have a python interpreter)?
 If this is correct, it seems I could choose the following approach:
Compile my C++ code under windows with the \clr switch (hoping that It (really) Just Works) into the managed universe .The GUI app to be written in C#  then should be able to use these modules naturally (i.e. without P/Invoke etc.). Finally, I would compile the C#  with mcs and run the whole thing with mono.
Now, this sounds almost to good (and simple) to be true. Am I missing sth here?
As fasr as the actual GUI is concerned. On go-mono.com is this quote that gtk#
is so much more productive than Gtk+. Is that the general opinion? What kinds of things can
gtk# do (or do better) than gtk+? Is there an advantage going down the mono/gtk# path if
I could just create a GUI with gtk+ that would fit with my existing C++ code seemlessly.
Thanks in advance for advice on this,

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