[Mono-devel-list] Question CEE_CALLVIRT

Christoph Stiedl Shorty.10 at gmx.at
Thu Dec 16 07:23:13 EST 2004

Thanks for your answer, but there is only one missing information for 
my understanding of the behavior: Where does the creation of different 
opcodes for different return types happen as mentioned below. Where can I  
find the code that analyses the signature and returns the corresponding 
Thanks for your help in advance, it helps me a lot! 
> CEE_CALLVIRT is the value corresponding to the IL callvirt opcode. 
> They are generated from the file mono/cil/opcode.def which is 
> included inside an enum in mini.h. 
> We create additional call opcodes to differentiate between 
> different return types, so if the method returns void we use 
> OP_VOIDCALL*, if it returns a double we use OP_FCALL etc. 

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