[Mono-devel-list] mod_mono/xsp and external javascript files

Phillip Hitchcock phitchcock at xtra.co.nz
Wed Dec 15 23:29:23 EST 2004

Hi all

just starting out with mono and come accross a funny problem, niether mod_mono or xsp seem to serve up external javascript files.  apache2 log reports a 500 return on the request.

i find this funny because a while back i tried css files and it worked fine.

i can get ti to work by moving the javascript file out of the application path so apache deals with it... but really i having it all together.

is this a unknowen thing done for some reason?  am i just going to have structure my directory in a manner that the application doesn't start at the root?

the problem with that is that i use a httpModule to controll access to the application, and if i had to mess with the directory structure i woudl have to cludge soemthing so people woudl get redirected into the application path if they tried to browse below it....

in other words is their a way to get it to serve javasript from with int he application path.

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