[Mono-devel-list] Application_OnAcquireRequestState breaks Stylesheet

marcusmonaghan at f2s.com marcusmonaghan at f2s.com
Tue Dec 7 12:24:39 EST 2004


I am in the process of trying to port my very simple website to Mono but I have
come across an issue.

If I place any code (even as simple as Response.Write("Boo"); ) into
Application_OnAcquireRequestState in the Global.asax the stylesheet associated
with a page does not get processed.

If I declare the stub for the procedure with no code it works fine.
If I publish the same site to an IIS server it works fine. However, Cassini does
not work either.

Has anyone else seen this before, if so how do I fix it?

OS: Suse 9.1 and WXP Pro SP2.
.NET: 1.1


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