[Mono-devel-list] Patch for updated Npgsql info in Postgresql.html of website.

Francisco Figueiredo Jr. fxjrlists at yahoo.com.br
Sun Dec 5 18:27:38 EST 2004

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Index: postgresql.html
- --- postgresql.html     (revision 36405)
+++ postgresql.html     (working copy)
@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@

~        <li>There is another .NET data provider for PostgreSQL named <a
href="http://sourceforge.net/projects/pgsqlclient/">PgSqlClient</a>, but
I do not know if it works with Mono.</li>

- -       <li>If none of the above providers meet your needs.  There is
the ODBC and OLEDB providers included with Mono.</li>
+       <li>If none of the above providers meet your needs.  There are
the ODBCand OLEDB providers included with Mono.</li>

~        <li>Bugs with Mono or the data provider should be reported
~        in Mono's Bugzilla <a
href="http://bugzilla.ximian.com/">here</a>.  If you
@@ -126,6 +126,7 @@
~                <ul>
~                        <li>Builds and Runs on both Microsoft .NET and
~                        <li>Works using SQL# (command-line and Gtk#
+            <li>Can be used with Postgresql 7.x and above</li>
~                        <li>You can send insert, update, delete queries
~                                through NpgsqlCommand.ExecuteNonQuery()
~                        <li>You can send queries like, select count(*)
from table, select version()
@@ -139,12 +140,39 @@
~ NpgsqlEventLog.LogName = "NpgsqlTests.LogFile";   // LogFile.
~ </pre>

- -                       <li>You can use Npgsql with Mono (Thanks Kristis
Makris). It is not working perfectly.</li>
~                        <li>There is a winforms test suite (Thanks Dave
- -                       <li>Clearer code in NpgsqlConnection removing
*magic* numbers and constants. (Thanks Kristis Makris)</li>
~                        <li>Better support of ODBC-like ConnectionString
in NpgsqlConnection (Thanks Dave Page)</li>
- -                       <li>Thanks Ulrich Sprick for all discussion and
- -               </ul>
+                       <li>You can use parameter names with Npgsql (:)
or SqlServer (@) prefix style. This easy porting of
+            code from Sql server to postgresql </li>
+            <li>You can use native large object support</li>
+            <li>Supports the following data types:
+                <ul>
+                    <li> Bigint </li>
+                    <li> Boolean </li>
+                    <li> Box </li>
+                    <li> Bytea </li>
+                    <li> Circle </li>
+                    <li> Date </li>
+                    <li> Double </li>
+                    <li> Integer </li>
+                    <li> Line </li>
+                    <li> LSeg </li>
+                    <li> Money </li>
+                    <li> Numeric </li>
+                    <li> Path </li>
+                    <li> Point </li>
+                    <li> Polygon </li>
+                    <li> Real </li>
+                    <li> Smallint </li>
+                    <li> Text </li>
+                    <li> Time </li>
+                    <li> Timestamp </li>
+                </ul>
+            </li>
+        </ul>
~        </li>
~ </ul>

@@ -163,19 +191,19 @@

~        <li>Any features for Npgsql should be implemented in Npgsql's
main cvs repository at
~        gborg.postgresql.org.  Most bugs should be fixed in
gborg.postgresql.org's cvs.
- -       Only bugs neccessary for building and running of Npgsql on Mono
can be done in Mono cvs,
+       Only bugs neccessary for building and running of Npgsql on Mono
can be done in Mono svn,
~        but once applied they should be sent to Npgsql's mailing list
~        at gborg.postgresql.org for inclusion into cvs there.  Whenever
there is
~        a release of Npgsql (determined by Francisco Figueiredo jr. or a
~        of Mono (determined by Miguel de Icaza), then the Npgsql source
~        in gborg.postgresql.org's cvs will be used to update the Npgsql
source in
- -       Mono's cvs.
+       Mono's svn.
~        </li>

~        <li>Add any missing functionality to Npgsql. If this
funtionality workson
~        .NET but not on Mono, implement the missing features or fix the
bugs inMono</li>
~ <p>
- -       <li>Npgsql has been replaced Mono.Data.PostgreSqlClient as the
+       <li>Npgsql replaced Mono.Data.PostgreSqlClient as the provider of
~        choice to use.  Mono.Data.PostgreSqlClient is deprecated and is
no longer included in
~        Mono releases.  Please use Npgsql for PostgreSQL data access.</li>

@@ -259,9 +287,11 @@
~ mono TestExample.exe
~ </pre>
~        </li>
+    <li> More examples can be found in Npgsql Users Manual <a
~ </ul>

~ <!-- **************************************** -->
~ <!--  PostgreSQL Installation Instructions -->
~ <!-- **************************************** -->

- --

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