[Mono-devel-list] Developing in .Net against eDiretories LDAP Server...MONO etc

neal rogers nrogers at iafrica.com
Fri Dec 3 08:13:23 EST 2004

Hi all

Apologies if this is not the forum for dev support, it's the closest thing I
could find, so I assume this is it.
Other dev support forums have not been forthcoming at all, ...

I have tried unsuccessfully to implement the C#.Net example for connecting
to an  eDirectories LDAP server.
Dev Platform isWin XP, and VisStudio.Net

The University employs LDAP on eDirectory , and requires that other
applications eg SAP, PeopleSoft, WebCT , have a single signon authentication
ie LDAP.

I have been fairly successful using ADS to retrieve CN's and properties
thereof but not Authenticating against the LDAP Server
     oUserDE1 = New
     native = oUserDE1.NativeObject  'to retrieve correct/native obj's

but this dn and any other I try is not recognised ...??

I have also attempted Novell.Directory.Ldap and more errors,
Can Anybody help please?

Neal Rogers

Imports Novell.Directory.Ldap

Private Function AuthUserExC_ExASPeg(ByVal Username As String, ByVal sPwd As
String) As String

   Dim userDN As String = "CN=" + Username + ",ou=its,ou=main,o=uct "(DN)
   Dim ldapConn As LdapConnection = New LdapConnection()

        ldapConn.Connect("www.uct.ac.za", 389)  
        ldapConn.Bind(userDN, sPwd)
    Catch ldapErr As LdapException
        Return AuthUserExC_ExASPeg = ldapErr.LdapErrorMessage & " Incorrect
username/password combination."  '
    End Try

End Function

 at UCT_LDAP_WS.Service1.AuthenticateUser(String Username, String Password)
 C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\UCT_LDAP_WS\Service1.asmx.vb:line 108

File or assembly name Mono.Security, or one of its dependencies, was not
If I try the Connection as ("rep2.its.uct.ac.za",389)  I get the same error.

I even downloaded MONO (onto the Dev Machine WinXP with VisStudio.Net
installed, and tried the C# code as per the Example under )

Neal Rogers
University of Cape Town
South Africa
(F) +27 86 6712 378
(M) +27 82 658 6926


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