[Mono-devel-list] FW: Scheme on the CLR

Duncan Mak duncan at ximian.com
Fri Dec 3 18:14:50 EST 2004

On Fri, 2004-12-03 at 14:50 +0100, Paolo Molaro wrote:
> This is what I get:
> $ mono CommonLarceny.exe 
> Unhandled Exception: System.NotImplementedException: The requested feature is not implemented.
> in <0x00023> System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounterCategory:Exists (string)
> in <0x00012> Scheme.RT.Load:InitializePerformanceCounters ()
> in <0x0000e> Scheme.RT.Load:MainHelper (string[])
> in <0x0000a> Main:Main (string[])

I ran into that as well, turns out he uploaded a slightly older build of
the assemblies.

With the assemblies on my page [1], here's what I get:

polysemy:~/CommonLarceny $ mono dotnet.heap.exe
Compat mode: the request from /home/duncan/CommonLarceny/Scheme.dll to
load System was remapped (http://www.go-mono.com/remap.html)
Executing IL Module: dotnet.heap, Culture=neutral
Segmentation fault

Duncan Mak <duncan at ximian.com>

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