[Mono-devel-list] moving things after the migration

Willibald Krenn Willibald.Krenn at gmx.at
Wed Dec 1 19:34:25 EST 2004

I thought about not sending the answer to the list, but as Miguel did 
not send the e-mail privately in the first place...

> That file system organization is pure crack.

I was just offering some other sight of things. In no way I wanted you 
to take over this design!

> "Porting" mono is not a matter of creating a directory.
> "Replacing" the GC is not a matter of renaming a directory.
> "Adding an optimization" is not a matter of adding a new directory.

Sure, but it'll probably help knowing where new things have to go. (At 
least I like that.)

BTW: I never said something about renaming a directory. The main idea 
was to have a common interface for every GC so you can simply swap by 
changing some symbolic links. The same goes for the Kernel/metadata stuff..

But I won't go into further detail here out of obvious reasons.

> You are focused on the wrong side of the spectrum if you think that the
> directory layout will in any form help.

Firstly, I did the layout so it helps *myself* keeping up with the mono 
development (=svn up), at the same time also allowing side-by-side 
development - that is decoupling my playground from mono work.
Just as a side note: The current layout allows me to save some arbitrary 
snapshots of mono and link to them in a fashion I like.

Secondly, I tend to like deeper nested layouts more than a flat, but 
wide thing..

Thirdly, I asked you if some subtle changes to the current mono dir. 
layout could be made. I can understand that you said no, because CVS did 
not support it and because I'm some new guy who doesn't have your 
working experience on mono and changes would probably require some work.

But what was my choice then? I could not do a subtle change to my 
private tree because chances were great that this would break sooner 
than later. So either I did a complete new layout or stick to the mono 
layout. The latter has the disadvantage of where to put code that won't 
go into the official distribution (and how to link it), whereas the 
first involves pretty much work.

You know what I've opted for. And I don't regret it.

Thanks for the constructive feedback,
Willibald Krenn

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