[Mono-devel-list] this.GetHashCode() silently terminates app

gennady wexler adyler at winisp.net
Sun Aug 29 04:35:20 EDT 2004

has anyone seen this? I am trying to use this piece of code:

        public override Int32 GetHashCode() {
            // apparently this.GetHashCode() silently terminates our app
            return  this.GetHashCode();
            //return  new Object().GetHashCode();

what happens is my app just silently terminates if used first line, while it
works fine if second.

class is defined as follows:

    interface IContext {

    public class Context : IContext {
        public Context() {
            // construction logic goes here
            Console.WriteLine("Context .ctor() was called.");

this is macos x, mono 1.0.1.

any idea?

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