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Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 14:33:52 EDT 2004

You need the devel packages for gda and gnomedb installed, for this
configuration stage to build gda-sharp and gnomedb-sharp for you. What
it is telling is just that it won't build them, because it could not
find the devel packages. Also I don't remember anyone effectively
building them recently, we surely we don't build and package them
ourselves, as the preferred method to access databases in Mono is to
use the ADO.NET providers we supply.

Hope it clarifies it a bit,

On Wed, 25 Aug 2004 20:24:38 +0000 (UTC), Alf C Stockton
<alf at stockton.co.za> wrote:
> I am attempting to install mono documentation but during the ./configuration
> stage I get:-
>    Optional assemblies included in the build:
>       * art-sharp.dll: yes
>       * gnome-sharp.dll: yes
>       * glade-sharp.dll: yes
>       * gda-sharp.dll: no
>       * gnomedb-sharp.dll: no
>       * rsvg-sharp.dll: yes
>       * gtkhtml-sharp.dll: yes
>       * vte-sharp.dll: yes
>       NOTE: if any of the above say 'no' you may install the
>             corresponding development packages for them, rerun
>             autogen.sh to include them in the build.
> I cannot find gda-sharp or gnomedb-sharp despite Google. Please help.
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> Regards,
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